when the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

  • Intelligent headlight with a high IQ

  • Bat Bike

    Futuristic bike concept with series potential

  • Sunlight in the tank

    How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars

EDAG Stories

Success that gives you wings.

How a female software developer at EDAG sets new standards.


Part 1: Why Industry 4.0 will not work for you

Industry 4.0 is being "pushed" from many sides, and horror scenarios of what will happen if the reluctance of the German medium-sized industry continues are being spread.


Safety calls for Security.

Safety Engineering Services, EDAG Production Solutions.


German student in the country with three cultures.

Hola! My name is Natascha and for four months now, I have been doing an internship abroad, at EDAG Production Solutions' Mexican branch in Puebla.


EDAG Soulmate.

When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone.

The smartphone has literally put everyday things in your pocket. Almost on the quiet, MP3 players, appointment calendars, cameras, lexicons, e-mail clients and telephones have merged into one universal device. It is no wonder that the majority of us have our telephones with us 24/7, but we hardly ever use it to actually make a phone call. And the appropriation continues in earnest: As a result of the complete network integration with the internet, we can now access data almost everywhere with whose help we can do far more than just find out what's going on in the world.


Sunlight in the tank.

How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars.

Solar cells on roofs have become a common sight. The sunlight absorbed is converted into electrical power, and is thus able to supply an entire house with electricity. The advantages of this form of renewable energy are obvious – no annoying price fluctuations imposed by electricity suppliers, lower CO2 emissions and the sun is an inexhaustible resource. 


From drawn long sword to vehicle development.

Virtual worlds conquer the automotive industry.

With my long sword drawn, I creep through the marshes of Vizima with my hero. In my other hand, I am carrying a torch that bathes my surreal surroundings in diffuse light. 


No second chance at a first attempt.

Marriage station conversion under time pressure.

At first, the integration of a new vehicle model into an existing assembly line sounds like the everyday project life of an engineering service partner such as EDAG Production Solutions (EDAG PS). However, if only half of the time the conversion would actually require is available, then the planning team faces a very real challenge.


Team spirit boosts morale.

How Vanessa Raab, Sales Manager for vehicle integration handles the balancing act between customers and colleagues.

Professional success yes, but the question is: is there a special knack to it? A great many young people aspire to a career with technical or managerial responsibility. But how is it possible to achieve this aim? What is the decisive factor for bringing about the kind of results that will win you kudos for your efforts? 


Into a wall at 350 kmph.

Or: How do you actually test CFRP materials in a Lamborghini?

Get EDAG employee Lukasz Lasek from Neckarsulm to talk about his favourite subject, and his enthusiasm for high-end sports cars is unmistakable.


If you want to move the car, you can't expect to stay put.

Flexible thinking strategies lead to the city car of the future.

It seldom happens that an established auto brand unexpectedly takes the world by surprise. What Opel have set in motion with their new models over the past two years is nothing less than a U-turn for the brand. Or a case of "re-parking", to use the language of the Rüsselheim company's huge advertising campaign. Opel is suddenly in trend.


When your job's your second family.

Why Karina Schäfer is developing the subject of work further at EDAG.

Anyone driving development that changes mobility in the future has to sooner or later also think about social change and therefore a change to our working world. 


When success feels good.

At just 26 years old Carina Roth is Team Leader for Seat Development at EDAG. But she doesn't see anything special in that.

Whether a car feels good or not is usually determined by superficial factors such as how does the engine sound, does the car pull away when you put your foot down, how much room is there inside, how do the doors open, what does the steering wheel feel like? 


It doesn't matter who you are as long as you're good.

Tatjana Karlej is a Professional Consultant at Feynsinn / EDAG. And has confidence in the team's trust.

Anyone who chooses a career as a consultant needs one thing above all besides a head for figures and plenty of experience: self-confidence. As having been to university is not enough to be able to optimise processes and projects. 


One recharge please!

Why the smartphone is changing traffic conditions.

There is hardly another technical innovation that has changed our lives in the past few years so subtly yet rapidly as the smartphone. 


EDAG Motorcycle.

Where the boundaries between engineers and fans become blurred.

If, apart from motor racing, there is any branch of the mobility industry that goes far beyond technology and stands for passion, love, speed, freedom and adventure - for some of the strongest feelings that technology can induce - then it has to be the motorcycle sector. 


In the driving seat.

Smart development always also keeps an eye on cultural requirements.

No-one would question the idea that a top-class saloon can be regarded as a status symbol. An Audi A6 driver wants to show not only that he has good taste and appreciates exclusive technology and a luxurious ambience - but also that he has worked hard to earn these attributes. This at least holds true for Europe. 


Additive manufacturing (3D printing).

How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down.

Everyone is talking about "3D printing". Ever since consumer printers for € 1,000 began to flood the market, the extent of the new potential of additive manufacturing technology has been absolutely clear. Additive manufacturing is already in use in the aerospace industry and medical technology. But so far, almost exclusively for prototypes in the automotive industry. 


Putting ideas into practice - worldwide.

Global enthusiasm for a joint theme.

Say what you like about globalisation, one thing is certain: it helps the world to cross economic and cultural boundaries and move closer together.   This is not necessarily due only to the rapid evolution of the Internet, but also to mobility: because the reputation of a good auto brand applies worldwide. In Asia, America or Europe, people everywhere want to feel the same kind of enthusiasm for a new car. Enthusiasm for the automobile is something that we all share - it connects us, no matter where we live. 


Standing the test of millions of years.

EDAG's design (r)evolution.

The production of our cars will undergo enormous changes in the future. This was proved by the EDAG study "Genesis" at the beginning of 2014 (Link to Genesis). The prospect of of using additive manufacturing to "print out" not just individual parts but also complete vehicles according to requirements and taste is now becoming a very real possibility, and offers unthought of potential for the construction of lighter and better cars.


Pedestrian protection doesn't only happen on the road.

When pedestrian protection standards go beyond legal provisions.

Sporty design is  trendy! Young, dynamic and expressive – values that you often find in modern-day vehicles from premium manufacturers. They shape a design language that can be found everywhere in vehicles: a flat design and low front. What sounds exceedingly positive at first proves not to be an advantage in all aspects when you take a closer look. 


Why engineers can sometimes be allowed to mess things up.

EDAG’s unique accredited test centre.

Sun cream that is rubbed onto the cockpit? Various climatic zones and weather conditions? Kicks, impacts and cuts on vehicle parts? Or simply wear and tear beyond the service life? 


The show must go on.

Using our own technology to get concept and show cars ready for the stage.

For motor shows, fairs or exhibitions - show cars simply have to look good. 

At major shows, the general idea is that the highlights will include a (usually non-functioning) prototype to give an impression of the innovations the leading vehicle manufacturers have in store. In the past, most concept cars really were fakes: "dead" vehicles or shells that were displayed for people to look at and admire.


Soft shell, hard core.

New roof concept to make cabriolets even better.

It is probably the most fundamental question of faith for convertible drivers: hardtop or soft top? Unfortunately there are no studies to prove whether people who prefer a soft top for their convertible are of a more sensitive disposition than those who choose the hardtop. However, it is a fact that the RHT (Retractable Hardtop) has won more and more fans in the past few years.


Pedestrian accidents – how EDAG helps to prevent them.

"Here at West 74th Street and Central Park West, Henry H. Bliss dismounted from a streetcar and...


Intelligent headlight with a high IQ.

We often experience feelings of uncertainty when driving through thick fog or on dark nights. For some of us, the fear is even more pronounced, and they just leave their cars at home. The fear of colliding with an oncoming vehicle because a driver on the other side of the road is driving on full beam and dazzles them is too great. In a purely reflex action, the driver either screws up his eyes, or averts them from the road.


No product recalls - the best form of advertising.

Assembly Care improves your products during the manufacturing stage.

Futuristic designs, speed or increasing vehicle safety are not the only ways of recognising developments in the automotive industry: the development towards autonomous driving is also a clear sign of progress. 


The person in the machine.

A learning-based concept for automated driving.

Highly automated driving, ADAS, autonomous driving – terms that have been in people's minds for a long time now. Only the experts know the exact difference. But when we hear them, we all understand more or less the same thing: hands off the steering wheel! Suddenly, "keep your eyes on the road", something we all had to learn, no longer seems quite as important. 


One for all and all for one.

Combining forces to master the everyday challenges of an urban environment.

More and more people are migrating to the big cities - Hamburg, Berlin, Munich. There are reasons for this: cities are not just centres for the major international companies, they also offer a huge range of leisure and shopping facilities.


A completely new type of design competition.

Or when designers become superstars!

The spotlights are positioned, the microphones adjusted, every step has been rehearsed. The atmosphere is electric and the make-up crew are applying powder to the last beads of perspiration. Here we are, in the midst of the preparations for the presentation and adjudication of the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) in Hangzhou.


What do bus seats, aircraft cabins and air guns have in common?

Not an easy question to answer – we have certainly already sat on the first of the items, possibly seen the inside of the second, and a few of us might even have held the third in their hands.

And yet they appear to be connected by something - or somebody: EDAG's Spanish subsidiary Rücker Lypsa S.L.U.


Bat bike.

Futuristic bike concept with series potential.

When Sebastian Sturm, a member of the Motorcycle team at EDAG Munich, presents his innovative motorcycle concept to his friends, it is sure to meet with incredulous astonishment. Even experienced bikers will look twice and have to rub their eyes in disbelief.


Agile prototyping.

How an entire industry still has a hard time dealing with flexibility and agility.

Not only does the Internet of Things improve the networking of devices, people and things, it also makes for faster development and buying cycles. Smartphone users, for instance, always have their mobile Internet to hand, and can indulge in a spot of shopping whenever the mood takes them – just a few clicks and the new songs have been bought and downloaded, or a pair of custom-made sneakers ordered.


Learning from the know-how in our own ranks

How young talents become managers.

Leadership is not everyone's thing. And talent certainly no guarantee of automatic success. Despite their abilities, junior staff need guidance and orientation to develop good leadership qualities. This requires a great deal of experience, knowledge and, most importantly of all, interpersonal skills, because the important thing is to coordinate corporate objectives with the personal targets and characters of employees and supervisors.