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When success feels good.

At just 26 years old Carina Roth is Team Leader for Seat Development at EDAG. But she doesn't see anything special in that.

Whether a car feels good or not is usually determined by superficial factors such as how does the engine sound, does the car pull away when you put your foot down, how much room is there inside, how do the doors open, what does the steering wheel feel like? However, one of the most important feel-good factors, the comfort of the seats, is often overlooked. Anyone sitting in a 20-year old car today though will immediately feel the difference. Seats are high-tech designs today that can do far more than just offer a seat. Carina Roth and her team at EDAG ensure that you feel good over long distances and can adjust your seat as much as possible to your personal needs.

From mechanical engineering to seat development

"I didn't know EDAG at all beforehand and I came across the job more by coincidence. The Virtual Engineering department was presenting at an education fair and I found it really interesting. I then did an internship at EDAG and immediately noticed that I was really enjoying it." The fact that a mechanical engineer of all people deals today, among other things, with making sure that we can sit comfortably and safely in cars, may sound a bit unusual to start with. But when you understand what drives Carina Roth it also becomes clear why this combination is right. "I was already interested in technology as a child. Mechanical engineering is of course a bit different. But it's only in the Virtual Engineering field of study that you see how complex the technical concepts may be in a vehicle's interiors. Unfortunately you never notice how much sophisticated technology is invested in a passenger cell to make it as comfortable and safe as we are used to today. Sitting comfortably has in fact become a matter of course. But you need a great deal of technology for this," says Carina Roth.

Talking about a matter of course: it may also sound unusual that Carina Roth is already a team leader and therefore a manager at EDAG at just 26 years of age. However it's not something that we would question at a company like EDAG. As age, ethnic background or gender do not play a role here, what's more important is a passion for mobility. "We have a very strong corporate culture at EDAG which is characterised above all by interacting with each other respectfully, in a friendly manner. There is no prejudice here. Which is why me and my colleagues never question whether it is anything special for me to be managing a team as a 26-year old mechanical engineer."

Open for success

"Being open and courageous" are two of the most important qualities that a young engineer has to contribute to this job, according to Carina Roth. "I think that if you have the interest and enthusiasm and ambition to want to achieve something then you shouldn't even think about prejudice. But be courageous, apply for the job and invest your passion. Then the things that you believe may be a possible obstacle are no longer an obstacle." One could of course now contend that the 26-year old is a "high-flyer" and that is probably why she has got so far so quickly. Especially as besides seat development Carina Roth is still taking charge of the Virtual Engineering training in the department and even the prototyping phase. And also managing a large team and therefore responsible for personnel as well as a manager. However, when asked about the success factors for a career at EDAG, Carina Roth refers less to her many talents and more to the work environment and opportunities offered to her. "It might sound like a cliche but you can achieve anything at EDAG. We are a broadly positioned company and as we develop both vehicles and systems there are countless opportunities to pursue your own path here. However, I think that what really makes the success here is definitely not striving for a position or job. For me success is when my team and I can develop somethingand launch it on the roads and people later say: "Yes, that's better!" And I think if you start here with this attitude you can achieve a great deal even in fields that you are maybe totally unfamiliar with to start with."

Success at EDAG does not depend on your position but is determined by being satisfied with the outcome.

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