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EDAG and EVELOZCITY teaming up to address the needs of urban mobility

EVELOZCITY orders a wide range of engineering services from EDAG

Arbon, 20. August 2018   EDAG, a leading independent engineering services provider to the global automotive industry has been contracted by EVELOZCITY with a comprehensive range of devel-opment services. EVELOZCITY´s mission is to design, develop & deliver competitive, capable and connected electric vehicles – developed for urban needs. EDAG will sup-port this mission with its unique knowledge in the development of future mobility. 

"I am pleased to welcome EVELOZCITY as a customer of EDAG," stated Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. "As both companies share a common idea of the future mobility, I am convinced that this project will be the starting point for a great partnership.”