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EDAG makes its mark as a developer of the mobile future at the Detroit WCX 2017

In April, the eyes of the automobile world were on Detroit. From 4th - 6th, industrial experts met at the WCX World Congress Experience 2017, to present and discuss the latest developments and trends.

As an engineering service provider, EDAG exhibited not just its extensive range of services in vehicle and production plant development, but also provided insight into future-oriented methods and concepts for the product "automobile".

At the centre of the presentation at EDAG Inc's stand was the EDAG Soulmate concept.

EDAG's development specialists expect to see the seamless integration of the car into the digital world of the driver. Last year, EDAG and Bosch worked together on a joint project to develop the "Soulmate", which has now been implemented. The vehicle's interior is an impressive example of the options that will be available on board a networked car in the near future, and shows how the connection between the driver and his vehicle will change. The driver, for instance will always have access to his personal and business data. Thanks to autonomous driving, he will be in a position to put his time to better use during the drive, for instance to prepare and process presentations, hold video conferences, or even access the functions of his "smart home". And last but not least, it can be controlled by means of displays using haptic feedback and gestures - by comparison, holding a conversation with the passenger couldn't be easier.

At the same time, the "Soulmate" is an appeal for a new form of lightweight automobile design, as it uses revolutionary technologies from the field of "3D printing" or additive manufacturing. The body of the roadster is made up of a bionically inspired skeleton structure which is covered with a fabric outer skin and is additively manufactured. "Soulmate" thus demonstrates one possible means of developing and producing filigree, lightweight and nevertheless stable vehicles in the future.

The subject "lightweight design of the future" was also the focus of the technical presentation held by Harry Singh, Head of Lightweight Design at EDAG Inc. He presented a technical paper “Economic Light-Weighting of Light Duty Vehicles for Year 2025” as a key note speaker of 2nd day Light-weighting session. The presentation was based on EDAG’s light weighting projects which showcased the utilization of multi-materials in light duty vehicle designs. He had a big audience and you could feel the attention.

With its attendance at the Detroit WCX Show, EDAG impressively confirmed its standards as a development specialist for the mobility of the future.