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EDAG presented their mobility services, as an exhibitor, this year at the 2019 North American International Autoshow (“NAIAS”).

The EDAG Inc. team was joined by Eddy as well as Bjoern Bunte, Head of EE North (who represented EDAG BFFT - a brand of the EDAG Group) as our representatives at the show. Eddy allowed others to interact with him to learn about EDAG's Engineering Services and how we play a role in the mobility of the future! 

He demonstrated how animatronics, similar to him, allow for easy automation production. He also provided information about trive.me, a brand of the EDAG Group, who develop applications for your vehicle allowing everyday tasks to be completed easily. Eddy also presented information about the EDAG Soulmate, our lightweight concept vehicle that allows the everyday user to have connectivity throughout their vehicle.

Throughout the NAIAS, Jan Schulte, President and CEO of EDAG Inc., had the opportunity to lead a panel discussion on the topic of autonomy and how mobility is changing the manufacturing industry. He had focused his presentation on Connectivity, E-mobility and Autonomy; and where these topics stand within our current and future mobility industry. Mr. Schulte stated “Connectivity gives us chances, as well as challenges. It allows us to integrate our phones within our car, personalize our car and allows our car to communicate with the infrastructure around us; communicate with traffic lights, car-to-car communication or receive live-streams.”
At NAIAS, we were able to capture and share how EDAG is REinventing Mobility and how we are responding to industry changes by leading with our Electrics/Electronics Department. Bjoern Bunte had the opportunity to meet with a few start-ups companies that traveled to the NAIAS from around the world; he had the chance to learn and discuss their ideas and knowledge within the start-up world. In return, these companies were able to learn and gain perspective as to how a large and successful organization, such as EDAG, is growing and shaping the mobility of the future. From this event, we have gained business connections and knowledge that will contribute to EDAG and we are excited to see how far we come with REinventing Mobility!