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Engineering Specialist EDAG presented the future of the car at the NAIAS in Detroit

E-Mobility, connectivity or autonomous driving – the automotive industry is in motion as never before. New technical solutions are necessary to make this new mobile world become reality.

The Engineering Partner EDAG Inc. took the opportunity to present, as an exhibitor, their new concepts and innovations at the NAIAS in Detroit. “The NAIAS is a perfect platform for us to present our services and skills as one of the leading engineering partners to the automotive industry. By the way we have the opportunity to network with current business relationships, as well as create new relationships with potential partners”, said Jan Schulte, President and CEO of the EDAG Inc.  

“Apart from the CES, the NAIAS is one of the biggest shows that people attend from all over the world. It allows the industry and the public to learn about what is new in the automotive industry. So it is easy for us to decide to take an active part in the fair”, mentioned Kai-Uwe Salzmann: Vice President/CTO. This year´s focus of the NAIAS was mobility and having many start-up companies participate.

“Vision 2025" systematically divides the vehicle into different geometrical zones, instead of the domains commonly used today. The zones are networked via the automotive Ethernet: this permits high data rates and guarantees real time capability when using TSN. Short lines of communication make weight savings of up to 30% possible. Even more "radical" is the change-over from embedded ECUs to a service-oriented architecture (SOA): instead of being distributed on ECUs, customer functions are localized on two central computers. Apart from updates, customers can subsequently install new features or apps.

The construction of a laboratory vehicle with a CAN networked domain architecture called "Base 2017" is planned for 2018. The use of IP-free serial components of various suppliers enables young startup companies to get a vehicle on the road in a very short time. Parallel to this, EDAG uses this architecture as the basis for further developments towards "Vision 2025", in which the company cooperates with TSN's real time Ethernet specialists.

We shared that EDAG's vision and forward thinking with wiring, lightweight design and architecture is one of the best possibilities for future mobility and will be a great option to strive towards in the coming years.” mentioned Jay Colla, Director of EE/EDAG Inc. and Mario Maul, EE Project Leader  from EDAG Germany.

During the exhibition EDAG also showcased their capabilities in engineering complete vehicles and production plants. 

“We talked with potential partners, many of which were start-up companies that involved radar/lidar technology, sensoring, autonomous driving software, cloud based/app-based software and full vehicle development. We were able to speak with many potential customers with whom we could possibly work with in the future and it was a big success regarding spreading EDAG's name”, explained Jan Schulte. “We also tied in the aspect of EDAG being a global company and servicing many customers in different locations all over the world. There were many amazing topics and trends being talked about in the world of Future Mobility. We are very excited to be a part of this movement and are looking forward as to what is to come for EDAG and the Evolution of Global Mobility”, condensed Jan Schulte.