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New CEO of EDAG Engineering visits EDAG Inc.

The new CEO of the EDAG Group, Cosimo De Carlo, visited EDAG Inc. on July 17th, 2018.

Cosimo De Carlo talked about the EDAG Group strategy.  In this context he stressed EDAG´s target to grow the international business significantly in the coming years and strengthen the cooperation between all EDAG locations worldwide. This means that the US customers have access to the know-how and capacities of the entire EDAG network with more than 8,400 engineering experts.
This also includes the companies we have in the US such as EDAG Production Solutions (production engineering) and  BFFT (electrics/electronics). 

By joining forces we can offer more to our customers on the west coast and here in Detroit.
Our main target is company growth with a focus on our electrical engineering division. 
EDAG Inc. is growing rapidly due to customer base growth on the west coast and locally. 
We currently have 77 employees working for EDAG Inc. and plan to bring on 15 more employees by October. Most of our employees are in our mechanical engineering division, but we are rapidly expanding our electrical engineering division.

We thank Cosimo for his visit and motivation to keep moving forward as we continue our stable growth and an increase in revenue.