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Electric Mobility

The Outlook for a New Mobile Generation

At a time when supplies of fossil fuels are running out and prices rising, electric mobility is a cornerstone of the transition to clean energy. The idea of almost emission-free mobility, ideally based on renewable energy sources, is not just a matter of social importance, but will also help to ensure the future competitiveness of the automotive industry and medium-sized companies in the international market.

The opening of our E-Mobility Competence Centre back in 2010 placed us among the first German developers to commit to the idea of electric mobility. In this respect, we see ourselves not just as innovation drivers, but also as an independent link between the automotive industry, energy providers, system suppliers and last but not least the consumer.

With specially devised powertrain, architecture, interface, body and safety solutions, we are constantly pushing ahead with further developments in this field, and working hand in hand with our customers to turn visions that will shape the mobility of the next few years into reality.