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EDAG teams have completed several studies demonstrating the lightweighting potential of future manufacturing and material technologies for vehicle model years (MY) 2020 to 2025. These studies were completed for USA government agencies National Highway Transport Administration (NHTSA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well for material consortiums WorldAutoSteel and Aluminum Association.  We are convinced that there is more than one answer to lightweight automobile construction in the near future. Each material must do its utmost and bring specific benefits to the application in which it is being used. 

Comparison of sales weighted USA fleet by vehicle segment for MY 2014 (actual) and MY 2025 (EDAG, Inc. estimated) demonstrate significant low cost mass saving potential that can be realized through EDAG’s advanced lightweighting optimization approach. This includes the effective use of:

Mass and cost target setting

  • Based on comprehensive benchmark database of automotive systems
  • Mass & construction material data collected for sheet metal assemblies for over 350 MY 2002 to 2016 Vehicles
  • Data regression analysis against important design attributes to establish mass estimate target

Comprehensive in-house materials database

  • Continually updated through internal testing and close cooperation with material suppliers

Manufacturing & joining technologies design knowledge

  • Team with manufacturing and assembly experience

CAE optimization led design using Topology, Multi-Displenary-Optimization (MDO)

  • Topology and Section optimization, Sensitivity analysis
  • Topology load path interpretation and design
  • Geometry, Grade & Gauge + Cost Optimization
  • Final Design based on manufacturing and assembly considerations
  • Mass and Cost comparison: Baseline v Lightweight Design
  • Deliverables: Report, LW Design CAD & CAE Models