• Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

  • Into a wall at 350 kmph

    Or: how do you actually test CFRP materials in a Lamborghini?

  • EDAG Soulmate

    When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

What kind of culture can you expect in a technologically driven company?

The answer might not be what you think. Forget the clichés about conservative engineers, because that is not us! EDAG INC. is a global family of progressive Engineers who are committed to shaping the future of Mobility! 

We all know that our jobs can be demanding after all, we work for an industry that is constantly on the move. We attach great importance to individuality, team spirit, personal responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and ambition. The most important thing is our enthusiasm for mobility as we make emotions from technology. The fact that people at EDAG are on easy first name terms is not just some kind of artificial corporate culture, but a side effect of this global families passion. 

Diversity • Motivation • Growth – EDAG's recipe for success

Our core values are more than just the right thing to do for our business. They are utilized in our day-to-day activities and instilled in every aspect of EDAG from our employee’s professional and personal growth through ensuring customer satisfaction. 

EDAG Inc. recognizes that each employee is motived differently. We are built on diversity and the ability to capitalize on the differences each of our teams has to offer to ensure continued growth and success to EDAG Inc. 

Our foundation of success starts with hiring and developing highly motivated, flexible, eager to learn, high performing employees. If this is you, apply now!