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Project Management

The automotive market is characterised by an increasing number of variants and model types. What customers want are cars that can be adapted to suit their individual taste, along with a wide selection of extras and fittings. Vehicle manufacturers consequently face an enormous challenge: what to do about the enormous administrative overheads that come with the development of a vehicle derivative. More than ever, you need a partner in project management, one able to assume the great responsibility that goes with complete vehicle development. This partner is EDAG.

It goes without saying that a clear structure, stable project organisations and continual tracking to check that targets are being achieved are elements of our project management. As are quality, adherence to deadlines, clearly defined roles and areas of responsibility, and the integration of everyone involved in the process to guarantee the flow of information. Only when it becomes necessary for risks to be detected early, for conflicting needs and interests to be countered and the finer points of automotive project management to be understood do the real advantages of a project partner with experience of the automotive industry become evident.

By working with us, you will maintain a balance between quality standards, ambitious deadlines and the lowest possible cost. And with just one aim: to get your projects on the road.